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Neutralize All of Your Expenses
100% Spent = 100% Saved

Trees grow in value as the time passes on. By adding trees to your expenses, they can over time, cover both your expenses as well as the cost of the trees.

Trees4Expenses - Money Back

Trees4Expenses offers one of the market's most unique and amazing plans for house holds world over, where green growing trees can "neutralize" some of your expenses. In collobaration with our tree planting company, we have developed a system where our assets are trees.

  • 7.5% of your house hold expenses will be spent on trees
  • The trees grow and so the profit
  • You get paid back all the expenses you have

We focus on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits. Our widely recognized forestry plantations have a holistic and sustainable approach to solve desertification in Africa.

Man.Dir. Jean-Paul Deprins