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Convert All Your Expenses into Profit

Money Back

€100 spent = €100 saved

For every €100 you have of expenses, you pay €{{TreePrice.toFixed(2)}} ({{TreePrice.toFixed(2)}} percent) for a tropical mahogany tree. The tree will give you the following amount back:

Year 10: €{{TreePrice}} (the cost of the tree)

Year 17: €100 (your personal expenses)

So for every €{{TreePrice.toFixed(2)}} you pay for a tree, you receive €{{(TreePrice + ExpensePerTree).toFixed(2)}} back (13.33 times in profit). Let us get started. Please fill out all the expenses you have had in the past month below. Our calculator will estimate how many trees you need to purchase to get money back for both your expenses and even for the trees you purchase. We grow first class quality tropical mahogany trees, where you as a tree owner will receive profit. Contact us here if you have any questions.

Sorry, but we have problems connecting to our currency exchange server and can only use Euros as currency at this time.

Your Expenses


Your trees will give you a total profit of {{(CalculateTrees()*(TreePrice+ExpensePerTree))| currency:""}} Euros {{ currencyCode!='EUR'?'('+currencyCode+' '+(ConvertFromEuros(CalculateTrees()*(TreePrice+ExpensePerTree))| currency:"")+')':'' }}
Please specify your expenses.
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