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Save for You and Your Family's Future

Saving money can be hard, but it is essential to achieving financial well-being and securing your and your family's future. The earlier you start saving, the better. No matter where you are in life, begin saving today and you'll be that much further ahead tomorrow.

How to Save Money - the Traditional Way

One of the easiest ways to save money is to pay yourself first. Every time you receive a paycheck, save a certain percentage of your income before spending money on anything else. You may choose to have your bank automatically deduct a certain amount of money from your account each month. This way, the money never hits your pocket, so you won't miss it. Other ways to make saving money easier include putting away raises, bonuses, and refunds.

Another Way of Binding Your Money for Your Future

In Trees4Expenses you don't save or put money aside. You buy mahogany tree seedlings from us and become a tree owner. Our forestry company will take care of your trees till they are big enough to be cut. When cut, we will pay you back a fixed price for your trees.

Retirement Plan

During World War II and the years after, there was a boom of new borns. These baby boomers are now either retired or in the process of getting retired. Since the number of retired people has drastically increased, the burden is high on the younger generation to pay for the older generation's welfare and retirement. As a result, we see more restrictive retirement plans taking place and the future prospects does not look that lucrative for younger generations.

No one can predict the future, but to plan to have some extra money available for your retirement is nothing but a healthy sensible decision. If you are in the age group below 55, you may get a nice return that can help your future retirement time by buying trees. Set up a monthly tree saving plan with us today.

College Plan

Education can be costly, but the benefits of having your children or grand children at college cannot be valued enough. Have you made any plans to provide a safe, secure and easy way to save for their college, if you have any children or grand children? Grow a nest egg for them today. Buy our valuable mahogany trees that will grow as your children or grand children. The trees can give you a boost of return in your long term planning for their education.

Put a Lock on Your Money
Jan-Tore Øvrevik, Director of Development, T4E

It is easy to get access to your savings or funds, and the more you may be attracted to spend your savings when you want something, like going on a vacation. You may have planned to save for a vacation and that is fine. That means you had a purpose of your saving. But with easy access, the risk of spending money you have saved up for something else is high.


By buying mahogany trees as a biological asset to increase your money, you will be forced into waiting getting your return, until the trees are big enough to give you a good return (17 years). You lock your money in your trees as they grow. That means you need a longer term for planning your future. You need to have this in mind when you start buying trees. The estimated return of 14 times is great, but the horizon is long. A longer perspective like this is perfect for retirement plans and for bigger events in life, like:

  • Education
  • Wedding
  • Purchase of house
  • Purchase of car