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  • Contract Farming

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    After almost 10 years of studying and understanding how land systems work in Africa, Better Globe Forestry has found the best system that will help underprivileged farmers to eradicate poverty. With the use of agroecology, we will train the outgrowers how to plant trees on their cleared land. With access to free land for our trees, we can drop large investments and maintenance cost in the plant phase.

  • Better Globe Microfinance

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    On May 2, 2013, Better Globe officially opened its microfinancing program in Sosoma, Kenya. More than 600 families got involved in the project during 2013. The loans have been funded partly through the donated equity from Better Globe Forestry and from share capital mobilized by the members of the bank. The microfinancing bank plans to be self-sufficient after 3-4 years of operation.

  • Blazing a trail

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    By developing commercial plantations that do not compete with food production, Better Globe Forestry is providing an innovative and replicable model, which can be a creative answer to reducing deforestation while ensuring long-term income to rural people in arid and semi-arid lands. Better Globe Forestry's innovative business is a giant step towards the sustainable development of hosting communities.

  • Bright Future for Mukau and Acacia Trees

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    Better Globe Forestry will utilize Mukau wood in different aspects of their furniture production, as well as use it for hardwood flooring, and different souvenir products. Tests have taken place to see how the Mukau wood is suited for furniture production. The preliminary test results seem great, and our Mukau trees will continue to be a lucrative part of our business in the years to come. This is also good news for our tree owners, who can rest assured that Better Globe Forestry will be able to pay back their trees to the agreed fixed price.

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